Tradition & innovation

Established in Martigny in 1889, the Morand house offers products that embody Valais and a long tradition of quality. For more than a century, Les Bons Sirops Morand has supported family life. The traditional recipes, pomegranate, lemongrass, orange blossom-hair, nostalgia for a rediscovered childhood. Apricot and pear syrups highlight the exceptional flavor of Valais fruit.


Fruits and natural flavors, all of the best quality. The current range, in constant development, offers more than 50 fruit or flavor syrups to discover.

For the little gourmets

Our wide range of flavours means there’s something to please the whole family. Professionals will love the quality of our creations too, whether they’re shaking cocktails, flavouring coffees or rustling up a treat in the kitchen.

Tradition & INNOVATION

Stamp Sirops

Established in Martigny in 1889, the Morand Company offers products that embody the Valais as well as a long tradition of quality.

‘Les Bons Sirops Morand’ have been a part of the Morand family’s life for over a century. The traditional grenadine, citronella and orange blossom syrup recipes take you back to your childhood. The abricot and pear syrups make the most of the exceptional flavours of these fruits from the canton of Valais.





Fruit and natural flavourings, all of the best quality.

The current range develops continuously and offers over 40 fruit-based or flavoured syrups to discover.